Team Loyalty Entertainment

 Team Loyalty Entertainment is a fully faceted Brand Management Company that was established in 2007. It’s core competency was to bring Integrity to the sports & entertainment industry, a quality that it lacks. At the same time maximizing the Marketability of our clients. Ranging from Athletes, Musicians, Actors, Comedians, Models, DJ’s etc. Loyalty, Honor, & Respect are the characteristics that we strive for to stay consistent while raising the bar & creating opportunities outside of our clients core industries. Simply put, we Strive to create different avenues of business for our clients in a way the keeps us true to our mission. Team Loyalty Entertainment (TLE) isn’t a brand it a Lifestyle.

Team Loyalty Sports

 Team Loyalty Sports was founded in 2016, a sub division of Team Loyalty Ent. Is a full service sports marketing company that assists professional athletes with branding on a global scale on and off the field. Our brand marketing services have led to increase in endorsements, sponsors, speaking engagements, partnerships and compensated appearances. In today’s booming sports industry, brand management is an essential key component for creating the success of any brand. National sports clubs and agencies spend millions of dollars on brand managers who can develop, plan, and implement marketing strategies that will increase the value of their brand. Brand managers also play a vital role to generate profitable returns, attracting more companies looking to endorse,a good image in their community, and a promising life after playing professionally.